Germany begins phase two of Coronavirus vaccine testing

The second phase of testing the vaccine will occur in Peru and Panama, with 690 persons.

Jerusalem24 – CureVac, a German pharmaceutical company, announced that they have begun phase two of clinical trials for their vaccine against Covid-19.

The company based in Tuebingen, South West Germany, said in a statement published by Dolce Welle that the first volunteer has been “vaccinated”, while implementing CureVac patented technology that focuses on Messenger RNA that exist in the human body. MRNA is a kind of molecule that includes instructions on producing proteins.

CureVac researchers provided instructions to the MRNA to produce the Novel Corona virus proteins to be used in the vaccine. After inoculation, human cells will create this protein, and the human immune system recognizes it as a foreign body. This pushes immune system to create anti-bodies against it. The first phase of testing this vaccine was earlier this year in June.

The second phase of testing the vaccine will occur in Peru and Panama, with 690 persons. The company plans to inject those people twice with the vaccine during a time frame of 28 days. The company will be waiting for results of the testing on the elderly who are more likely to suffer seriously because of the virus, these results will appear in the final quarter of the year.

The third and final stage of testing the vaccine will happen near the end of the year with 30 thousand volunteers. If the vaccine passes this phase successfully the company can apply for licensing in order to distribute it into the markets.

CureVac is among dozens of labs around the world racing to find a vaccine for the Novel Corona Virus. The European Commission has already reserved 225 million doses of CureVac’s possible vaccine, this is the fourth such deal that the EU has made different laboratories.

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