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The Knesset proposes a law to limit protests against Netanyahu

46 Knesset Members voted for the law, while 38 members voted against it.

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli Knesset unanimously approved in the second and third reading on a proposal for a law to limit protests during the lockdown. This came at the end of a loud nightly debate in the full session, where 46 Knesset Members voted for the law, while 38 members voted against it.

The law prohibits the participation of more than 1000 persons in a protest, and that the location of the protest is no more than one kilometer away from a protesters home.

This comes after the Parliamentary Law and Constitution Committee approved the amendment of the Corona jurisdictions law, which places limits on protests against the Israeli head of government Binyamin Netanyahu.

According to the amendments of the law, the “Special emergency circumstances”, that the government is allowed to declare, will limit protests and will go on for a week. However, the government can declare a state of emergency to limit protests for a while longer than that, and has the authority to do so for 21 days.

Even in the “Special emergency circumstances”,  which can be declared during the lockdown, it will not be possible to completely prohibit prayers in houses of worship, nor will it prevent protests or religious celebrations. But it will be possible to place limitations on them, including the number of participants.

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