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The Government Information Office: The Most Important Statistics of The Israeli Aggression Against Gaza.

On the 121 days of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza strip.

The media office stated that the Israeli army committed 2,325 massacres against civilians and families in the Gaza strip claiming the lives of 34,238 martyrs and missing persons, including 27,238 Palestinian killed and transferred to hospitals, including 12,000 children, 8,190 women, 339 of medical personnel, 46 of civil defense, in addition to 122 of journalists.

The media office indicated that there were 7,000 missing people, either under the rubble or whose fate was unknown, while 66,452 others were injured, pointing out that 70% of the martyrs and wounded were women and children.

11,000 cases in urgent and dire need of travel and treatment abroad to save a life, pointing out that 10,000 cancer patients face the risk of death as a result of the Israeli army targeting the only Hospital in the Gaza Strip to treat cancer patients.

The government media office warned that the lives of 350,000 chronic patients were at risk due to the lack of medication, in addition to 60,000 pregnant women due to the lack of health care.

The media office also added that 99 medical personnel and 10 journalists are still under the arrets by the Israeli army.

2 million displaced people in the Gaza Strip live in shelter centers and schools in a very difficult humanitarian and health situation, with 700,000 of them suffering from infectious diseases due to displacement, including 8,000 cases of hepatitis.

Regarding the material damage, the government media office stated that the Israeli army destroyed 140 government headquarters and 100 schools and universities, destroying them completely and putting them out of service, in addition to 295 schools and universities that they partially destroyed.

70,000 housing units were completely or partially as a result of Israeli bombardment.

The Israeli army also targeted over 440 mosques in the Gaza Strip destroying 183 mosques completely and 264 partially, in addition to destroying three churches.

The Israeli army launched a war on the health sector, targeting 30 hospitals and 53 health centers, putting them out of service, in addition to 150 health institutions that the army partially targeted, while destroying 122 ambulances and putting them out of service.

Heritage and archaeological sites were not spared from the Israeli bombardment, which targets everything in the Gaza Strip, as the Israeli army destroyed 200 heritage and archaeological sites in the Strip out of 325.

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