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West Bank: Israeli army raid the city of Tulkarem for the third time in a week, kill six Palestinians.

The death toll in Tulkarm Governorate since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7 has risen to 58, including 21 from Nour Shams refugee camp.

Jerusalem24 — As Israeli airstrikes resumed in Gaza, the residents of the Nur Shams refugee camp in Tulkarem in the occupied West Bank awoke to their own scenes of devastation and mourning on Wednesday morning, caused by heavy-duty Israeli military bulldozers during an overnight army raid which killed 6 Palestinians including a child.

The Israeli military stormed the camp shortly before dawn, triggering confrontations with stone-throwing youth and armed confrontations with Palestinian fighters in the camp. The Israeli army fired live ammunition, stun grenades, gas bombs and an airstrike which led to the killing of 6 Palestinians.

According to the Ministry of Health: the Israeli army and settlers have now shot and killed 313 Palestinians over 70 of which are children since the 7th of October.

After midnight the Israeli army accompanied by Israeli bulldozers including a D9 bulldozers stormed several locations in the city of Tulkarm including the Nour Shams refugee camp, Al-Manshiya, Jabal Al-Nasr, Al-Joura, Al-Damj, and Al-Mahjar stormed several homes searched it and tampered with their contents.

And as it became common for the Israeli army to be accompanied by heavy-duty bulldozers during each military raid; the army destroyed the infrastructure in the main streets of the camp, including the demolition of some walls of houses, squares, and public and private property.

At dawn today The Martyr Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital in the city of Tulkarem announced the arrival of 6 dead Palestinians and a number of injured, as a result of an Israeli drone targeting them in the Al-Mahjar neighborhood in the Nour Shams refugee camp.

The Ministry of Health identified the men as:

19-years-old Ahmed Anwar Hamarsha

19-years-old Ahmed Abdel Rahman

23-years-old Adham Muhammad Fahmawi

23-years-old Yazan Ahmed Wahid Fahmawi

29-years-old Fares Hossam Fahmawi

17-years-old Hamza Ahmed Mustafa Fahmawi.

Medical sources confirmed that the Israeli army prevented ambulances from reaching the targeted site to transfer the injure for over an hour, and intercepted them by its military vehicles before allowing them to reach the martyrs and wounded.

According to Radwan Balibla the head of the Tulkarm Doctors Syndicate: an Israeli soldier stabbed one of the injured people inside the ambulance, pointing out that others were subjected to assault and beating by the soldier’s rifles.


By the afternoon; hundreds of Palestinians participated in the funeral procession for six Palestinian youths killed by the Israeli army.

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