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12,000 residents trapped in Jenin camp without water and power on second day of Israeli invasion

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21.52: MoH announces a new fatality, bringing the Palestinian death toll to 13.

19.32: MoH: Two critical injuries by live ammunition to the head and abdomen have arrived at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin.

18.43: MoH announces the Palestinian death toll rises to 12 after Palestinian youth Abdul Rahman Sabaaneh succumbed to injuries sustained by live ammunition in Jenin.

16.29: Jerusalem24/24FM journalist Mohammad Turabi reports that non-armed confrontations are taking place at the entrance to Al-Shifa Hospital, with Palestinian youth throwing stones at armored military vehicles.

16.02: The Red Crescent reports it transferred two injuries from live ammunition to Ramallah Governmental Hospital after an incursion by the Israeli army into Al-Bireh. Confrontations between the army and local residents are currently taking place.

15.13: UNRWA Director of Communications Juliette Touma to Jerusalem24: “We are in touch with UNWRA staff inside the camp, but are unable to get bring medical and humanitarian aid inside the camp. It is critical that Israel let humanitarian aid reach the camp.”

15.07: Armed confrontations are currently taking place at the entrance to Jenin refugee camp, according to Jerusalem24/24FM reporter Mohammad Turabi. The Israeli army is stationed near Jenin Government Hospital.

14.50: Israeli emergency services confirm seven Israelis have been injured in a car-ramming and stabbing attack in Tel Aviv. Israeli authorities have named the attacker as a 23-year-old resident of Al-Samoua near Hebron in the occupied West Bank.

14.23: MoH announces the reception of a critical injury from live ammunition to the head at Ibn Sina Hospital in Jenin.

Jerusalem24 – The Palestinian death toll of Israel’s ongoing ground- and air-invasion of Jenin rose to 11 including four children on Tuesday morning, after a second night of scattered airstrikes and heavy gunfire inside Jenin refugee camp.

Israel began launching new airstrikes on both the camp and city after dawn. The Israeli military issued a statement claiming they are still looking to target ten locations in the city. The army deployed new ground troop reinforcements to the city after dawn.

Around 3,000 residents fled their homes in Jenin refugee camp last night after the army threatened more airstrikes. 12,000 remain in the camp. The 500 displaced families are seeking shelter in government buildings, hospitals, mosques, churches, and in private citizens’ homes. The Red Crescent has begun organizing food and water supplies for the displaced.

Jenin municipality has asked residents to ration their water supply after Israeli military-grade bulldozers tore the tarmac off the streets in Jenin and damaged the water mains. The army also cut off the electricity supply to the camp yesterday morning, and the residents have now been without electricity for 24 hours, hampering communication within and without the camp as well as evacuation efforts.

Army targets hospitals and journalists

The Israeli army fired tear gas canisters at the entrance to Jenin Government Hospital on Tuesday morning, dispersing medical staff, relatives of the injured, displaced families, and journalists.

Journalists at the scene, covering the continuous reception of injuries, were targeted four times with live ammunition on Tuesday morning. In a documented attack the previous afternoon, a group of five journalists had their equipment destroyed and became trapped by Israeli fire before being evacuated by an ambulance an hour later.

On Monday night, an Israeli military-grade bulldozer razed the tarmac in front of Jenin Government Hospital entrance, hindering ambulance access.

The Israeli army also fired live rounds at Al-Amal Hospital on Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning, incurring material damage but no injuries.

The Palestinian Medical Relief Society issued a statement on Tuesday saying the army targeted medical staff and ambulances in Jenin refugee camp, preventing paramedics from treating and evacuating the injured.

Is Palestinian discontent with PA hitting a new peak?

The Palestinian Authority announced in the late hours of last night it is suspending the so-called security coordination with Israel as well as “all communication”.

Reports quickly appeared in Israeli media that security coordination was nevertheless ongoing – which was denied on Tuesday morning by a “security source” in the PA.

Prior to the announced coordination suspension, Palestinian security forces arrested on Monday a total of three Palestinians wanted by Israel, causing Palestinian youth to set fire to a Palestinian police station in Jaba’ south of Jenin on Monday night.

The Palestinian police said on Monday afternoon one of their officers was injured when the Israeli army opened fire on a police vehicle on patrol south of Nablus.

Unrest in West Bank

Cities across the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem are implementing a full strike today to protest the ongoing invasion, with confrontations taking place between Palestinian youths and the army across the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Gaza.

Several Palestinians were injured by Israeli live ammunition including two children aged 10 and 14 during confrontations overnight on Monday

The Israeli military also raided multiple locations across the occupied West Bank on Monday night and arrested 13 Palestinians including a child.

Meanwhile, Israeli settlers attacked Palestinian persons and property in Deir Dibwan, Ein Samiyeh, Rawabi, and Beit El on Monday night, after attacking the village of Burqa earlier in the day. Armed settlers shot one Palestinian with live ammunition in the hand in Deir Dibwan.

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