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Circus artists visit Bethlehem kids after military demolishes their school

The Palestine Circus School implements a policy of early response to adverse events, replacing shock and trauma with hope and joy.

Jerusalem24 – When the children of the Tahaddi 5 elementary school in Jubbet Al-Dhib near Bethlehem saw their school demolished by the Israeli military earlier this month, they immediately received expressions of love and solidarity – from their community and beyond.

Two days after the demolition, as the children sat studiously in the tents forming their temporary classrooms, the Palestinian Circus School (PCS) arrived on site to entertain and cheer up the children and their families.

The event (carried out in partnership with Handicap International and the Danish House in Palestine) falls in line with the PCS’s program of early response to traumatic events.

“We try as much as possible to be there whenever needed,” Mohammad Rabah, CEO of the Palestinian Circus School, tells Jerusalem24.

Rabah says it is “crucial” to work with the children in the early stages of the trauma and shock, and that visible expressions of solidarity from people (and artists!) can bring hope and joy in such times.

Over the course of an hour and a half, the artists of the circus school engaged with over 30 children who participated in activities such as aerobics, juggling, and face-painting.

“The feedback was great, it was a distraction for them,” says Rabah. “It was a moment of break from all the oppression that they went through.”


The circus school’s mission is to provide a safe space for all participants, where they can dream and hope for a better future, as well as for every individual to feel as a part of a community in which they share common values.

“Palestinian children, youth and communities deserve to be happy and enjoy their life,” says Rabah.

Listen to the full interview on Vibes.

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