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Israeli military raid Nablus, kill two Palestinians

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli military raided the city of Nablus in the occupied West Bank on Monday morning in order to carry out a number of arrests, and shot and killed two Palestinians and injured dozens more.

21-year-old Mohammad Nasser Al-Saeed, and Mohammad Abu Baker Al-Junaidi, were shot and killed in what the army said was “an exchange of fire”. According to Ahmad Jibril, the director of the Red Crescent Society in Nablus, they were each transferred to Rafidia Hospital and Nablus Specialized Hospital “in critical condition” and pronounced dead.

Armed Palestinian group The Lions’ Den published a statement claiming Al-Saeed as a fighter within their ranks.

Jerusalem24 is still working on determining the exact circumstances behind their killings.

Israeli forces and settlers have now shot and killed 94 Palestinians including 17 children in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem in 2023.

The Nablus governorate has declared a full strike for the day in mourning of Al-Saeed and Al-Junaidi.


According to local sources, the army invaded several neighborhoods in the city, triggering confrontations as well as armed confrontations with residents and armed fighters. The army besieged a house and apparently made use of explosives to enter the premises.

Pictures shared on social media show a severely damaged front door after the Israeli army laid siege to a house in Nablus, 3 April 2023. [Source: Quds News Network]
The military issued a statement saying they arrested two persons wanted for “assisting” a shooter who injured two Israeli soldiers in Huwara last week, and furthermore that they “identified hits” during the course of the invasion.

Families, hospital and ambulance targeted by tear gas

A further 55 residents suffered from tear gas inhalation when the army fired a barrage of gas bombs in crowded residential neighborhoods. Five families were evacuated from their homes, and three people were hospitalized.

Mobile phone pictures show unarmed youth attempting to throw the cannisters back towards the army.

A Palestinian youth kicks away a tar gas cannister fired by the Israeli army during a military invasion of Nablus, 3 April 2023. [Source: Quds News Network]
The army also directly targeted Nablus Specialized Hospital as well as an ambulance with gas bombs, according to the Red Crescent in Nablus.

Yesterday, the Red Crescent Society issued a statement condemning the use by Israeli soldiers of their ambulance and crew as human shields during the army’s storming of the city of Tulkarem last Thursday. The crew were ordered to stay inside the ambulance while soldiers took cover and fired from behind the vehicle. The ambulance suffered material damage as a result.

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