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What’s the meaning behind the color of the first meal of Ramadan?

Jerusalem24 – Ramadan starts on Thursday, and Muslims all over the world celebrate this holy month differently. In Palestine too, each city welcomes and celebrates this spiritual month through customs and traditions passed on from one generation to the other.

Human rights activist and We Are Not Numbers (WANN) writer, Karam Jad, who resides in Gaza, shares with Jerusalem24 the Ramadan atmosphere in Gaza.

“The preparation of Ramadan in Gaza this year started earlier; people started preparing for Ramadan during the past two weeks.”

Ramadan tables are always filled with different types of foods, drinks, and appetizers. Depending on different ideas and habits.

The colors of the meals symbolize and reflect many hopes in Gaza.

“Foods like Mulukhiyah – a green soup served with white rice – is prepared on the first day of Ramadan as a symbol of hope; to hope that Ramadan will be green,” Karam explains. “People also may start their first day of Ramadan with a white meal cooked with yogurt or milk, the color white symbolizes hope and purity.”

Difficult economic situation

The economic situation plays a great part in the preparation for Ramadan in the besieged Gaza strip.

“Preparations for Ramadan started a bit earlier this year. Salaries are cashed at the beginning of the month and Ramadan, this year, starts at the end of this month [March 23], so, people tried to buy stuff and prepare everything at the beginning of this month.”

Karam points out the prices of Ramadan decorations this year went up; Ramadan lights and ornaments decorate streets, shops, cafes, and houses.

Karam and his family have their own Ramadan tradition; barbeque is the first meal to break fast on the first day of the month.

“During the first days of the holy month, people tend to break their fast with family, then, many like to enjoy meals out with friends and family.”

Listen to the full interview on Vibes.

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