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Three Palestinians killed in an Israeli army ambush

Jerusalem24 – The Israeli army shot and killed three Palestinians, injured three others, and detained one other in an ambush after shots were allegedly fired at a military post in Sarra near Nablus in the occupied West Bank Sunday morning at dawn.

The Palestinian Civil Affairs was informed by the Israeli authorities that the men are: 22-year-old Oday Othman Rafiq Al-Shami, 25-year-old Jihad Mohammad Wasif Al-Shami, and 18-year-old Mohammad Naji Raed Dabbeek.

18-year-old Moahmmad Dabbeek, top left corner, 22-year-old Oday Al-Shami, down left corner, 24-year-old Jihad Al-Shami, right.

The Israeli forces arrested a fourth man, identified as Ibrahim Al-Awartani.

The military is withholding all three bodies.

Israeli forces and settlers have now killed 82 Palestinians including 16 children since the beginning of the year, 22 of which were killed in the Nablus governorate.

Three Palestinian workers were also injured by bullet shrapnel in the vicinity of the incident, according to a WAFA correspondent. The Israeli military reportedly stormed the town of Sarra and confiscated security camera recordings after killing the three men.

A general strike was announced on Sunday in the city of Nablus in mourning of the three men killed, with all commercial and public institutions closed.

“I saw two bodies on the ground next to a car”

The Israeli army claimed that Palestinian fighters opened fire at the military post near Jit Junction.

“A Golani patrol force, which carried out proactive activity in space, responded by firing at the gunmen. Three gunmen were neutralized during the exchange of fire and another gunman turned himself in and was arrested,” the statement read.

An eyewitness told Quds News, that the residents woke up to the sound of heavy and loud gunfire.

“I looked through the window, and I saw two bodies on the ground next to a car. The soldiers were on the rooftop of a building, it seems like these same soldiers are the ones who shot and ambushed the young men,” the eyewitness said. “A man got out of the vehicle, and surrendered himself in, before the Israeli soldiers arrested him.”

The vehicle that was targeted by the Israeli military killing three Palestinian fighters in Sarra near Nablus. [Palestinian media]
A while later an Israeli ambulance arrived and took the bodies, according to the eyewitness.

Mobile footage circulating on social media, shows that the vehicle the Palestinian fighters were targeted in, was moved to the Sarra military post.

Ambushed before setting an ambush

The Lions’ Din group said in a statement on its telegram channel that its group of fighters moved to ambush a force from the “Golani” unit near the Sarra checkpoint after spotting it in the area, “However, it was revealed to us that the Israeli unit was setting up an ambush.”

“Our fighters took a decision to to set up another ambush, bigger and wider, unfortunately, an exchange of fire took place from point-blank before our fighters were able to get set up in the area. the three were killed.”

The Israeli soldiers published a photograph of three M-16 rifles, a gun, and cartridges claiming that they were owned by the fighters.

The Israeli army also claimed that “no casualties of its forces” were reported.

Child shot and killed in Qalqilya

On Friday, Israeli forces shot and killed a 14-year-old Amir Mamoun Mohammad Odeh near the entrance to the city of Qalqilya in the northern occupied West Bank, according to documentation collected by Defense for Children International – Palestine.

DCIP reported that Amir was participating in a demonstration alongside many Palestinian residents protesting the recent Israeli military incursion into Jenin, where Israeli forces killed several Palestinians.

According to documentations collected by DCIP, an Israeli soldier shot Amir in the chest below his left armpit from a distance of more than 100 meters. He was transferred to Qalqilya Government Hospital and doctors began operating on him immediately, but he was pronounced dead soon after.

“Systemic impunity creates an ultra permissive context where Israeli forces know no bounds and routinely shoot to kill Palestinian children in circumstances where there is no imminent threat to life,” said Ayed Abu Eqtaish, accountability program director at DCIP.

“Unlawful killings of Palestinian children have become the norm as Israeli forces become increasingly empowered to use intentional lethal force in situations that are not justified. In short, these are war crimes with no consequence.”

 Amir was a player in the Qalqilya Professional Academy.

Amir is the 16th Palestinian child killed by Israeli forces in 2023, according to documentation collected by Jerusalem24.

Palestinian man shot and killed by settler

The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported on Friday that 21-year-old Abdul Karim Badi Sheikh was shot and killed by an Israeli settler near the illegal Israeli settlement of Karni Shamron east of the city of Qalqilya, for allegedly trying to carry out a stabbing attack.

According to the Israeli radio Kan, the Palestinian youth tried to stab a settler near a farm between Salfit and Qalqilya, and the settler “shot and killed him”, after he saw the Palestinian youth on his way to the farm with “knives and explosive devices in his hands .”

21-year-old Abdul Karim Badi Sheikh who was shot and killed by an Israeli settler near the illegal Israeli settlement of Karni Shamron east of the city of Qalqilya. [Palestinian media]
The head of the Karni Shamron settlement council published a photo showing soldiers standing next to what appears to be a body placed in a plastic bag.


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