“Digital Security Conference: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance”

The conference that will help answer the question ‘how can we make the digital space a safer space for the Palestinians?

Jerusalem24 – The Faculty of Modern Media at the Arab American University of Ramallah, alongside 7amleh Center, is conducting a conference entitled “Digital Security Conference: Privacy in the Age of Surveillance” on 30 January 2023.

Conference coordinator Taline Joudeh tells Jerusalem24 that the conference will be discussing “the meaning behind digital security, its importance, its effects and mainly its risks.”

The conference will be divided into three sessions, focusing on youth, women and civil society, covering topics such as the role of youth in digital rights and how to prevent the removal of content from online platforms; the safety of women in the digital space; and the protection of human rights defenders and journalists from digital attacks, and restrictions on freedom of expression.

Joudeh believes that raising awareness is a crucial first step –  but that more should be following. There should be a management department, she says, “to monitor, follow up, help and assist in that matter.”

She also suggests “creat[ing] an online page giving tips on how to maintain your privacy, because not a lot of people understand what is privacy and harassment.”

The Faculty of Modern Media has previously conducted workshops for school students in the West Bank, teaching them about digital security, says Joudeh. She believes that students, whether in schools or universities, need to be educated about this important matter. And this also applies to institutions, says Joudeh, who may not fully understand digital security.

To find out more about the conference, listen to the full interview on Vibes.


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