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16-year-old boy shot and killed by Israeli military in West Bank

Jerusalem24 – Yara Alnazer – A Palestinian teenager was shot and killed by the Israeli military during confrontations between local youth and the army north of Ramallah on Thursday afternoon.

16-year-old Diaa Al-Rimawi, from the village of Beit Rima north of Ramallah, joined other local youth in throwing stones and confronting Israeli soldiers stationed near the village of Aboud north of Ramallah. The Israeli military fired live ammunition at the gathered youth.

Diaa was hit with two bullets in the back, one which penetrated his chest and the second his abdomen.

According to medical reports, the bullets did not hit any vital organs and Diaa’s injury wasn’t fatal. However, the Israeli army detained him while injured and denied him medical treatment at the scene, leading the teenager to bleed to death.

The Ministry of Health announced a Palestinian has been killed at 5:30 PM, after they were informed by Civil Affairs – the administration which liaises with Israel concerning deaths and injuries of Palestinians in Israeli custody – of the death of a Palestinian.

His identity was confirmed around 7:30 PM.

A further two Palestinian youths were shot with live ammunition during the confrontations and treated in Ramallah hospitals.

The Israeli military has now shot and killed a total of 152 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem in 2022, including 36 children. At least 92 of these were not involved in direct, armed confrontations with or attacks against the Israeli army or civilians when they were shot and killed, according to documentation collected by Jerusalem24.

“Say hi to my children”

Diaa is the third Al-Rimawi to be shot and killed in just over a week.

A small town of around 4,500 inhabitants, Beit Rima held funerals last week for two brothers, 22-year-old Jawad Al-Rimawi 21-year-old Dhafer Al-Rimawi, who were shot and killed in similar circumstances during an Israeli army raid.

According to Mowaffaq Sahwil, secretary of the Fatah movement in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate, investigations indicated that the Israeli military were firing live ammunition at the Palestinian youth, and when Jawad was shot, Dhafer went to evacuate his injured brother and was immediately shot as well.

Abdul Rahman Al-Rimawi, Jawad and Dhafer’s father, bid farewell to the Palestinian teen on Thursday, asking him to “say hi to my children”.

Diaa’s family paid tribute to him, with his sister Nour saying “he was kind and loved helping others.”

During the funeral procession, proceeded by a military ceremony, Diaa’s friends and family including his mother carried him from Palestine Medical Complex in Ramallah towards Beit Rima where he was buried on Thursday night.

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