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Palestinian youth shot and killed by Israeli army in Bethlehem

Jerusalem24 – A Palestinian youth was shot and killed by the Israeli army during a military invasion of Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem this morning.

Confrontations erupted between local youth and the military when they invaded the camp and began raiding houses around 5 AM.

22-year-old Omar Manaa was shot with live ammunition in the chest, after soldiers entered his house and arrested his 24-year-old brother Yazan.

Omar and Yazan’s mother told Quds News in an interview this morning that the soldiers left the house with Yazan, holding a gun to his head. Omar followed the soldiers out of the house just as youth were gathering to confront the soldiers.

“The moment the call to prayer began, we heard the bullets – and that was it.”

The Ministry of Health announced Manaa’s death at 6:30 AM.

A further six Palestinians were injured with live ammunition during the raid.

Who will bake our bread?

Manaa was a bread baker in the refugee camp where he lived. Since the announcement of his death, videos have emerged on social media of Manaa showing off his trade.

Local newspapers in the refugee camp wrote today, “Who will take care of our bread now, ya Omar?”

Rising death toll

The Factions’ Coordination Committee in Bethlehem announced a comprehensive strike in the city today in mourning for Manaa, with the strike extending to all educational institutions as well.

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry issued a statement following Manaa’s killing, saying “these crimes are an integral part of the daily series of killings against our people […] with the aim of creating a state of chaos as an alternative to calm and negotiated political solutions.”

The Israeli military has now shot and killed a total of 147 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem in 2022, including 35 children. At least 88 of these were not involved in direct, armed confrontations with or attacks against the Israeli army or civilians when they were shot and killed, according to documentation collected by Jerusalem24.

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