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“Write the movie you want to see”: Pearls of wisdom from screenwriter Abdullah Erakat

Jerusalem24 – Dina Amin – “If you’re not writing, you’re reading. You can’t write if you don’t read.”

This is just one of many pearls of wisdom shared with us on Vibes by Abdullah H. Erakat, a Palestinian-American screenwriter and actor – known by some as “the only true screenwriter” based in Palestine.

His works deal with issues of identity, diversity, and family.

Abdullah has also appeared in television commercials and as an extra in two major Hollywood movies, as well as stage productions – both on stage and backstage.

Screenwriting is one of the most challenging efforts a person can dive into, says Abdullah. When it comes to the subject of screenwriting, oftentimes writers will focus on the story itself and getting to the final page. Editing and making adjustments can always come later – but getting to that actual last page is what is on almost everyone’s mind.

Abdullah emphasizes the importance of reading the screenplays of your favorite films. It’s one of the ways you can start working on the screenplay of your very own short film.

“Write the movie you want to see,” Abdullah emphasizes.

Abdullah encourages students, filmmakers, and writers to write new stories – after all, there will always be limitless stories.

Watch the full interview on Vibes if you’re an aspiring screenwriter, film buff, or just curious to hear more!

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