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Another three Palestinians shot and killed by Israeli army

Continued Israeli military action in the occupied West Bank brings the death toll to eight in just over 48 hours.

Jerusalem24 – A further three Palestinians have been shot and killed by the Israeli military, bringing the toll in the occupied West Bank since Tuesday morning to eight.

All three men shot and killed since yesterday afternoon hailed from the city of Jenin, which has suffered over a third of the total number of West Bank fatalities in 2022.

The Fatah movement in Jenin announced a comprehensive strike in mourning, and the education department in Jenin has suspended teaching in all schools in the village of Yaabd and Jenin city.

Several cities across the West Bank had already been observing strikes on Wednesday, for the second consecutive day after the army shot and killed five Palestinians since Tuesday morning in a series of military raids as well as one car-ramming attack.

The Israeli military has now shot and killed a total of 145 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem this year, including 35 children. At least 87 of these were not involved in direct, armed confrontations with or attacks against the Israeli army or civilians when they were shot and killed, according to documentation collected by Jerusalem24.

Snipers on rooftops

23-year-old Mohammad Tawfiq Badarneh was shot and killed by the Israeli military during a daytime invasion of the village of Yaabd south of Jenin, in which they laid siege to a house and arrested a former prisoner.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), an Israeli special force from the Yamam Unit infiltrated the village at approximately 1:45 PM on Wednesday. They were joined by a large number of army reinforcements and laid siege to the house of 21-year-old Abed Herzallah who surrendered after an exchange of heavy fire.

During the exchange of fire which lasted until 2:30 PM, local youth came to confront the soldiers and came under fire from Israeli snipers positioned on rooftops of nearby houses.

Badarneh was shot with live ammunition in the chest, “although he posed no danger or threat to Israeli soldiers’ lives”, according to PCHR.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced his death shortly after 3:00 PM.

Armed confrontations

A further two Palestinian men were shot and killed by the Israeli military during an army invasion of Jenin refugee camp in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Local sources reported dozens of military vehicles in the city during the invasion and snipers deployed on the roofs of a number of houses and buildings. The military surrounded a house, leading to two arrests, and chased down a motorcycle and caused it to crash, leading to two further arrests.

Armed confrontations with Palestinian fighters broke out during the invasion, during which 27-year-old Naim Jamal Zubeidi and 26-year-old Mohammad Ayman Al-Saadi were shot and killed. Both were senior members of Palestinian armed group the Al-Quds Brigades.

The Ministry of Health announced their death at 5:30 AM.

A third person was injured by shrapnel in the face. His condition was reported as stable by medical personnel at Ibn Sina Hospital.

According to the Israeli army, the Shin Bet were involved in the raid.

The Al-Quds Brigades published a statement this morning describing Zubeidi as “a defender of the resistance” and commending “the valor of our fighters”.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said in a statement this morning that the raid was part of Israel’s “uncompromising policy in the fight against terrorism”.

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