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World marks 45th International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

Jerusalem24 – Yara Alnazer – Each 29 November marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. The United Nations has been observing the date since 1977.

The date was chosen at a General Assembly vote as 29 November marks the adoption of UNGA Resolution 181 in 1947, known as the ‘Partition Plan for Palestine’, which proposed the creation of two independent Arab and Jewish states and led to the creation of Israel, and the Nakba during which over 700,000 Palestinians were massacred, displaced, or fled from their homes due to Zionist militias.

The UN has also produced an annual exhibit since 2005, “on Palestinian rights or a cultural event in cooperation with the Permanent Observer Mission of Palestine to the UN.”

A screenshot of the UN’s 2019 Exhibit, ‘Palestine, the most universal national cause’, available on the UN website.

Cultural, political and mass solidarity events traditionally take place on this date across the globe. Solidarity movements, political committees, student organizations and Palestinian embassies host a series of events to celebrate the day, such as movie-screenings, academic presentations, distribution of media materials, or peaceful protests and solidarity sit-ins, seeking to raise awareness about the question of Palestine, and focus on the right of the Palestinian People to self-determination and national independence.

Within Palestine, events also take place. This year, Al-Quds Open University is hosting a conference for two days, which includes the presentation and discussion of 34 Palestinian scientific studies by Arab and foreign academic researchers. The studies revolve around models of resistance to occupation and oppression, and confronting Israeli violations of international norms. A similar academic campaign will also take place in the Gaza Strip.

A promotional poster for the international Palestine Solidarity Campaign marking the date in 2017. [Source: PSC]
Former leader of the Labour Party in the United Kingdom Jeremy Corbyn, a longstanding supporter of Palestinian rights in the international arena, took to Twitter to mark the occasion and called for “a free and independent Palestine”.

Hannan Jarrar, Palestinian ambassador to South Africa, Namibia, Lesotho and Malawi, wrote today in South African publication the Daily Maverick that “Palestinians and the people of the Global South share a historic and unparalleled bond, rooted in decolonisation, anti-racism, equality, justice and our inalienable right to self-determination.”

“Solidarity, then, is founded on a context of shared struggles. It is a political process based on unity. Palestinians have experienced this solidarity at the UN when countries from Africa and the rest of the Global South consistently and unequivocally condemn Israel.”

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