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Nablus holds third funeral in 24 hours

Jerusalem24 – Thousands are participating today in the funeral of two Palestinians who died of their injuries yesterday after they were shot by the Israeli military during different raids in Nablus.

22-year-old Mohammad Hisham Abu Kishk died hours after he was shot during an Israeli settler and military incursion at the site of Yusuf’s Tomb near Nablus. 16-year-old Ahmad Shehadeh was shot and killed during the same raid and buried on Wednesday afternoon.

The violent military raid, which aimed to secure an Israeli settler visit to the archeological site, met with armed confrontations from Palestinian fighters as well as unarmed Palestinian youth. The Palestinian Red Crescent reported ten injuries from live ammunition including Abu Kishk, 22 from rubber-coated metal bullets, three by shrapnel, and 75 due to tear gas inhalation.

Abu Kishk sustained several gunshot wounds to the abdomen and was transferred to Rafidia Government Hospital where his condition was described as critical. The Ministry of Health announced his death shortly after 8 PM on Wednesday evening.

A few minutes afterwards, the Ministry announced the death of 30-year-old Mohammed Ahmad Hassan Hirzallah, who was shot in the head with live ammunition during an Israeli invasion of Nablus on 24 July. Hirzallah underwent several surgeries in hospitals in Nablus before being transferred to Beit Jala Hospital and eventually Al-Istishari Hospital in Ramallah, where he underwent surgery last week to remove bullet fragments from his brain.

Commercial outlets closed their doors in Nablus today in mourning for the three men.

Out of the 137 Palestinians shot and killed by the Israeli military in the occupied West Bank including East Jerusalem in 2022, 32 hailed from Nablus, which has been at the epicenter of Israeli military activity over the past several months along with the northern West Bank city of Jenin.

Jenin itself has accrued 50 casualties in 2022, the latest of which was 17-year-old Mahmoud Al-Saadi who was walking to school when he was shot in the abdomen with live ammunition during an Israeli military raid on Jenin refugee camp.

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