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Two Palestinians shot and killed, another targeted by explosive device

Jerusalem24 – A Palestinian fighter was killed when an explosive device was detonated next to him in the early hours of this morning in Nablus, while two others were shot and killed elsewhere in the West Bank over the weekend.

33-year-old Tamer Kilani was killed when a motorcycle rigged with an explosive device was set off as he walked nearby in the old city of Nablus in the northern occupied West Bank.

Kilani was a Palestinian fighter that belonged to the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and spent eight years in Israeli prisons.

Kilani later identified with armed group the Lions’ Den in Nablus, and according to Israeli media was responsible for a number of attacks or attempted attacks targeting the Israeli military.

A video shared over social media shows an unidentified person parking the motorcycle in an alley in the old city, and the explosive device detonating later as Kilani walks by, resulting in his death.

The Israeli military has not taken official responsibility for the attack, but the Lions’ Den blames the Israeli government and “holds them responsible for the attack”. Palestinian commentators pointed out that Israel had not officially resorted to the use of explosives in planned assassinations since the Second Intifada.

Statements by different Palestinian political factions, including Fatah and the PFLP, condemned the “assassination” and promised they would “respond through further escalation of resistance and confrontation”.

Kilani was married and a father of two children, and a resident of the Jabal Fatayer neighborhood in Nablus.

Thousands of Palestinians participated today in Kilani’s funeral procession in the city center.

Two Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces

Elsewhere in the West Bank, two Palestinians were shot and killed by Israeli forces in 24 hours.

32-year-old Rabi Arafa Rabi from Qalqilya was shot in the head while in a car at the Israeli military checkpoint known as “109” southeast of Qalqilya. The Israeli army initially said Rabi attempted to ram soldiers with his car. However, Rabi wasn’t detained by Israeli forces as is the usual practice in such cases and was released to a Palestinian ambulance which drove him to Darwish Nazzal Government Hospital in Qalqilya. His condition was described as critical upon arrival, and he was pronounced dead later in the day.

In an interview with Wafa news agency, Rabi’s his father said his son was on his way to work inside Israel, and that he was supposed to get married next week Friday.

A little over a day earlier, 19-year-old Salah Briki from Jenin was shot and killed in the early hours of Friday morning during an Israeli military raid on the northern West Bank city.

Briki was shot in the neck and his death immediately announced. Briki was killed during armed confrontations between Palestinian fighters and the Israeli military.

The Jenin Battalion of armed group The Jerusalem Brigades condemned the attack and claimed Briki as one of their fighters. A large number of Palestinians participated in his funeral procession, and armed Palestinian fighters were spotted joining the procession as well, according to local sources.

A total of 114 Palestinians have now been shot and killed by Israeli forces in the West Bank in 2022, over a quarter of them children.

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