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Mohammad remains most popular baby name in Israel

Jerusalem24 – On the occasion of the Jewish New Year, the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority has published its annual list of the twenty most popular names given to children born in Israel over the past year, as noted in the population registry.

As in previous years, Mohammad remains the most widely-given name at birth, with a total of 1949 newly-born Mohammads registered in the last 12 months.

The other names in the boys’ top-ten list are Adam (1364), Yossef/Youssef (1294), David (1119), Ariel (1053), Omar (1039), Levi (864), Daniel (828), Raphael (779), and Uri (774).

Abigail tops the list for girls’ names at 993 births, followed closely by Miriam (970), Tamar (943), Yael (797), Noa (740), Sarah (739), Mia (733), Adel (727), Ila (657), and finally Lia (655).

Palestinian Christians, Muslims, and Druze, as well as other denominations, comprise around 21% of Israel’s 9 million citizens.

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