Success Story: Amani Odeh Care

Jerusalem24 – Dina Amin – After suffering issues with skin pigmentation and skin-care, Amani Odeh, a doctor in aging and cancer research, as well as a medical beautician, decided to open her own medical therapy salon, OA Care.

Amani earned a PhD from the university of Haifa, and a postdoc at Sweden’s Karolinska institute in aging and infectious diseases.

Moving from Haifa to Sweden and then back to Ramallah, Amani overcame challenges and pursued her journey, eventually opening her medical therapy salon, a lifelong dream.

“When you really love what you do, things become easy,” she tells Jerusalem24.

In addition to being an accomplished scientist (she is now studying skeletal aging), Amani runs a successful business.

She has had to contend with doubts from the people around her – but has found the same people to offer a great support system: “My family was always supportive, but they always think I am just crazy with impulsive things.”

She says they believed in her and supported her decision to leave a well-paid full-time job at a start-up.

Amani shares with us a simple three-step skin care routine, and advises young women to take care of themselves and their skin.

“A lot of women in our society think their skin is problematic, and when they come to my clinic I tell them otherwise”.

Listen to the full interview on Vibes.

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