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Autopsy reveals 21-year-old Palestinian was shot three times by Israeli soldiers

Jerusalem24 – A Palestinian youth killed by Israeli forces in his home in Kafr Aqab last week when soldiers entered his house “by mistake” was shot three times, according to the results of an autopsy shared by lawyer Medhat Diba.

21-year-old Mohammad Al Shaham died after he was shot point-blank in the head and left to bleed for at least 20 minutes, according to his parents.

The results of the autopsy examination, which took place at the Abu Kabir Institute in Jerusalem yesterday evening in the presence of Palestinian doctor and representative for the Al Shaham family Ashraf Al-Qadi, showed that Al Shaham was also hit by a second bullet that penetrated his chest, heart, kidneys and spleen and exited from the left flank. A third bullet penetrated his right side.

Preliminary results concluded that the cause of death was due to a heart injury, severe bleeding, and a large laceration in his skull.

According to Al Shaham’s parents, he received no medical treatment at the scene, despite Israeli soldiers telling Al Shaham’s mother they entered the house and shot him “by mistake.”

In an interview with Al-Qastal News, Al Shaham’s sister said that they were asleep when Israeli forces stormed their home before dawn, and asked everyone to leave the house while Mohammad was bleeding on the floor.

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland said in a tweet on the day of Al Shaham’s killing that it “requires an immediate, thorough, and independent investigation.”

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