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Hundreds of violations against Palestinian Jerusalemites in July

Jerusalem24 – Hundreds of violations by Israeli authorities and Israeli forces were carried out against Palestinian Jerusalemites in July, according to the Jerusalem Governorate, despite a lull mid-July due to US President Biden’s visit.

The Jerusalem Governorate released yesterday its July report of monthly violations against Palestinians living in occupied East Jerusalem.

The leading violation, according to the report, is the cancellation of the permanent teaching license of six schools in Jerusalem by the Israel authorities, under the pretext that “incitement against the state and the army” can be found in school textbooks. The schools now have a temporary license expiring after a year, during which time they must implement changes to the curriculum. The six schools cater to over 2,000 students at different academic stages.

The report recorded a total of 182 injuries throughout the month, inflicted by rubber-coated bullets and live ammunition as well as tear gas inhalation.

A total of 190 arrests were carried out. 14 prison sentences were issued, seven administrative detention orders were renewed (administrative detainees are held without charge or trial), and 18 Palestinians were sentenced to house arrest.

15 Jerusalemites received orders banning them from the Old City or Al-Aqsa Mosque for periods of between two weeks and six months. A further three travel bans were issued against Jerusalemites.

A total of 13 houses and commercial facilities were demolished across the occupied city, and 86 demolition orders were handed out, most of which come into effect within 30 days of notification.

Six land excavation projects were started around the city. In addition, ongoing excavations below the Old City (to build a network of tunnels destined for touristic purposes) have caused further damage to structures within the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound. The Jerusalem governorate says Israeli authorities are not allowing the Waqf to examine the site of the excavations in order to assess the measures that need to be taken to preserve the holy site.

And a total of 10 settlement projects across East Jerusalem, including urban expansion of existing settlements, plans for new settlements, and underground tunnels, represent “dangerous urban projects” and “seek to impose a new reality” on the ground according to the Jerusalem Governorate.

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