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Israel retroactively legalizes illegal Israeli outpost in occupied West Bank

Jerusalem24 – Israeli authorities have legalized the illegal Israeli outpost of Mitzpe Dani, occupying an area of 150 dunums east of Ramallah in the occupied West Bank, according to Quds News.

Israeli authorities announced the new plans for the outpost this morning, which give a green light to the building of 114 new settlement units.

Moayad Shaaban, the Director of the Settlements and Wall Resistance Commission, told Quds News that the Israeli authorities have avoided announcing the legalization of the outpost and therefore the creation of a new settlement (legal under Israeli law, illegal under international law), preferring to refer to an “expansion project” of existing settlements.

However, the structural plan for the outpost was officially approved today, effectively retroactively legalizing it.

But the outline for the outpost was approved today by the Israeli authorities and by doing so, threatening Palestinian lands in the area, specifically in the village of Deir Dabwan in Ramallah province.

The legalization of the Mitzpe Dani outpost, built in 1999 under Netanyahu’s first government, will isolate the Palestinians of Deir Dabwan from hundreds of dunums of their own lands on which the outpost was built.

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