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Gantz retracts freeze order on worker permits increase

Jerusalem24– Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz retracted today a freeze on a permit increase for Gazan workers, four days after initially ordering the freeze.

Israel will now issue an extra 2,000 work permits for Gazans.

Gantz approved the increase effective from Sunday, “on the condition that security and calm is maintained in the area.”

Gantz had taken a decision one week ago to increase the number of Gaza permits by 2,000, bringing the total number to 14,000. Gantz said at the time this was justified by “the state of calm.”

According to Gantz’s office, the freeze in permits increase was decided in response to a rocket being launched from the Strip towards Ashkelon last Saturday morning. The Iron Dome System intercepted the rocket and no damages or injuries were reported.

The Israeli military responded to the rocket by destroying a watch tower belonging to the Hamas movement. Eyewitnesses and video documentation also showed the Israeli airforce bombing agricultural lands along the border fence.


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