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Ahmad Manasra: Court will not drop terrorism charges

21-year-old Manasra will not be eligible for early release.

Jerusalem24 – The terrorism charges against Ahmad Manasra will remain in place, according to the decision released this morning by Al-Ramleh Magistrate Court following a hearing on Sunday.

The court held the hearing on Sunday to consider changing the classification of Manasra’s case. Dropping the terrorism charges would have allowed Manasra to appear before an early release committee.

Manasra’s defense team released a preliminary statement calling the court’s decision “A clear violation of the legal and constitutional foundations of the local and international legal system, especially the legal system related to children/minors.”

21-year-old Manasra was arrested at age 13 for injuring two settlers in a stabbing attack, and sentenced the following year to 12 years in prison, later reduced to nine and a half years.

Lawyer Khaled Zabarkah, the head of Manasra’s defense team, said that his psychological situation and both his mental and physical health are deteriorating. Manasra is currently being held at Al-Ramleh Prison Hospital after his condition suddenly deteriorated last week.

His defense team blame prolonged solitary confinement for exacerbating Manasra’s already fragile mental health condition.

According to Milena Ansari, International Advocacy Officer at Addameer, the deprivation of liberty in Manasra’s case amounts to torture and ill-treatment.

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