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Ahmad Manasra hearing: No final decision announced

Jerusalem24 – A hearing this morning at Al-Ramleh Magistrate Court to decide whether to drop terrorism charges against Palestinian prisoner Ahmad Manasra ended with no final decision.

The court considered a change in the classification of Manasra’s case within the “terrorism law”, determining whether Manasra can appear before an early release committee.

In a press conference this afternoon, the head of Manasra’s defense team, Khaled Zabarkah, said that the court session ended after the judge heard all arguments and with no final decision being made.

Zabarkah said a decision could be announced within a day or up to a week.

On 12 April, the same court held a session to look into dropping the charges but no decision was made.

Manasra was transferred to Al-Ramleh Prison Hospital overnight last Tuesday, one day before he was due to appear before Beersheba District Court for a decision concerning the extension of his solitary confinement.

The defense team for 21-year-old Manasra, who has been detained in Israeli prisons since age 13, disclosed that the Israeli prosecution ordered the transfer of Manasra to Al-Ramleh due to “the deterioration of his mental health.”

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