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B’Tselem: Israeli forces unjustifiably shoot “Two-Two” bullets at protest

Jerusalem24– B’Tselem released a report on Sunday on the “unjustifiable” use of 0.22-inch caliber bullets (“Two-Two”) on a crowd of Palestinians, which injured Ousamah Tamimi.

On Friday 1 April, a procession left the village of Bil’in west of Ramallah to mark Land Day, which had taken place two days earlier. The march proceeded for about a kilometer and stopped near the separation barrier. Protestors waved flags and chanted against the occupation. Israeli soldiers were stationed on the other side on a military post near the fence.

Several young Palestinians approached the barrier and started throwing stones and shouting at the soldiers, including 21-year-old Ahed Tamimi and her cousin, 26-year-old Ousamah Tamimi. The soldiers fired tear gas canisters at the protestors, and a military jeep drove out the gate in the barrier firing more tear gas.

As Ousamah Tamimi attempted to escape the clouds of tear gas, Israeli soldiers fired a 0.22-inch caliber bullet. Tamimi started running towards his cousin and the soldiers fired two more shots, hitting Tamimi in the foot and arm.

Paramedics gave him first aid immediately and he was driven to the Palestinian Medical complex in Ramallah in a Red Crescent ambulance. The doctors found that both bullets had entered and exited his body. He was treated and discharged a few hours later.

“The shooting reflects Israel’s open-fire policy in the Occupied Territories of using live ammunition – including 0.22-inch bullets – not only as a last resort, and not only for lack of choice and when soldiers are in mortal danger,” says B’Tselem. “Instead, security forces shoot protesters even when they are not endangering anyone’s life.”

“This unlawful policy, which is based on blatant disregard for Palestinians’ lives, bodies and wellbeing, is fully backed by the government and by senior military officials. It follows that in this case, too, no one will be held accountable.”

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