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B’Tselem report: Israeli soldiers handcuffed and blindfolded 13-year-old intellectually disabled teen

Jerusalem24– B’Tselem released on Tuesday a report detailing the abuse a 13-year-old intellectually disabled teen was subjected to by Israeli forces on 28 March in the village of Ras Karkar in the Ramallah governorate.

According to the report, Israeli military assaulted 13-year-old Ragheb Samhan, tied his hands with pieces of cloth, blindfolded him, and took him away without informing anyone.

Samhan was brought back to the entrance to the village and released, handcuffed and blindfolded, after about two hours.

Some 15 soldiers and police officers arrived at Samhan’s house around half an hour later where they arrested two of his relatives, 19-year-old Mohmmad Samhan and 18-year-old Nader Nofal.

Both were released at the entrance to their village around 3am.

They were further summoned for an ISA interrogation a week later before being released without charges.

B’Tselem says, “This was yet another routine incident in the life of a Palestinian family in the West Bank. […] This is the unbearable ease with which Israel runs the lives of millions of people, almost never holding anyone accountable.”

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