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Jerusalem Arab Film Festival – 14-19 May

Jerusalem24– The Jerusalem Arab Film Festival opened this Saturday at the Palestinian National Theater in Jerusalem.

The festival will run from 14 May to 19 May across three different locations in Jerusalem, namely Al-Hakawati (the Palestinian National Theater), the Turkish Cultural Center in Jerusalem, and the French Cultural Center.

Jerusalem Arab Culture Festival describes itself as “A unique cinematic experience for Jerusalemites in an innovative manner to connect with cinema professionals”.

In addition to film screenings, the festival will host workshops such as scriptwriting and cinema critique, as well as seminars.

The festival will screen a variety of documentaries, feature films and short films, covering a range of topics as diverse as a young Iraqi attempting the road to Europe, to women living with cancer in Gaza, to social and familial issues in Tunisia.

The selected films involve directors from across the Arab world and highlight young talent.

In response to a question from a festival-goer on Facebook, the festival said most of its films were presented with English subtitles.

The Jerusalem Arab Film Festival announced on Facebook on Saturday that it was naming its Festival Documentary Award after slain journalist Shireen Abu Akleh.

English-language program for the Jerusalem Arab Film Festival. [Source: Facebook]

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