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Israeli Sources: Embattled Bennett begins preparing for upcoming electoral campaign

Jerusalem24 – Israeli Newspaper Ha’aretz quoted an informed source as saying that Bennett believes that the current government will not last more than a few weeks and that he has begun preparing for his upcoming electoral campaign.

The current coalition will collapse if it loses just one seat in its current 60-seat coalition.

The Shura Council of the Islamic Movement in The South is expected to play a decisive role in the survival of the embattled coalition.

Former Knesset member of the United Arab List and Shura Council member Abbas Zakour said that the Council is waiting for the party’s leader, Mansour Abbas, to provide the members with a list of achievements it had secured for the Arab community. “The list did not join the government coalition to withdraw from it after a short period,” he said, alluding to the apparent direction of the Shura Council in this regard.

For his part, Ayman Odeh, head of the Joint Arab List, said that his bloc voted yesterday with the government coalition against the no-confidence motion submitted by the Likud, with the intention of avoiding the formation of an alternative government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Odeh confirmed that there has been no change in the joint list’s position on the current government, adding “tomorrow we will vote in favor of the bill that the opposition will present to dissolve the Knesset.”

Israel Channel 12 meanwhile revealed that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has been holding discussions with strategic advisor Aron Shaviv to prepare for the possibility of holding general elections soon. An Israeli political source said the meeting was held between the two sides at Bennett’s house in Ra’anana last Friday.

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