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Disagreements arise within Israeli government on solutions to security situation

Jerusalem24- Israel Channel 13 reported Sunday night on “differences” between Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz regarding an Israeli military response to recent Palestinian attacks.

According to Channel 13, the disagreement took place during a security assessment session on Sunday night that lasted over two hours.

Bennett reportedly wants a military operation in the Gaza Strip while Gantz and his officers oppose that, supporting instead a widespread operation in the occupied West Bank and Jenin in particular.  Gantz and his commanding officers as well as the Shin Bet believe they should not involve the Gaza Strip for the time being as the attacks are coming out of the West Bank.

In addition, Israel Channel 12 reported that the Israeli army supports a preemptive strike in Jenin in order to round up all suspects capable of committing attacks.

Israeli affairs analyst Esmat Mansour told Jerusalem 24 that Israel cannot benefit from any widespread military operation, considering that Bennett’s government is already critical and may fall apart.

Channel 13 says that there are fears within the political echelon that if Bennett begins seeing his coalition start to fail, he may escalate the situation in order to secure his position as head of the government.

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