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Israel is working to isolate the events in the northern West Bank from the rest of the areas

Jerusalem24 – Israeli forces are isolating the northern occupied West Bank to prevent any events taking place there from spreading out to other locations.

According to a report by Yossi Yehoshua, the military correspondent for the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, the work is currently focused on maintaining calm in Gaza, Jerusalem as well as in other areas of the West Bank, and even among the Palestinians inside Israel.

The report considered that the operations that took place and are still taking place in Jenin will create a feeling among members of the armed groups that they are being “stalked.” On the other hand, “the task of decoding the last operation has not been completed” after the failure of the arrest of the father and brothers of the perpetrator, Raad Hazem, as well as the person suspected of aiding him and the known The Shin Bet.

Yehoshua pointed out that the last few attacks were carried out without any organizational infrastructure, and its success raises fears of other conventional attacks.

Yehoshua points out that one of the problems that the Israeli security establishment is seeking to solve at the present time is the operational behavior that emerged during the last attack. Including the problems of command and control in the area, the lack of coordination between the police, the Shin Bet, and the special units of the army, the publication of inaccurate news, the media coverage and the wandering of the Israelis.

Israeli Chief of Staff, Aviv Kohavi is to open an investigation into the matter today.

He considered that it is necessary to work on the presence of a “national guard” that performs military tasks inside the home front after the failure of the police and its units in the face of recent operations. He stressed that it is necessary to do this before the outbreak of any war that may include incidents such as those that occurred during the wave of unrest and protest within Israel.

Mohammad Hamayel

Ramallah based journalist, Mohammad graduated from Al-Quds University with a B.A. in Media and Television. He has covered the 2015 Jerusalem Intifada as well as the Great March of Return for international media outlets. currently an editor/presenter at Jerusalem24. A UN alumni and a follower of global events and politics, especially American affairs.

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