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Internal Security Minister is Calling for the Killing of Palestinians

Jerusalem24 – The Hebrew Channel 14 revealed, yesterday evening, Tuesday, that the Israeli Minister of Internal Security, Omer Bar-Lev, called for the arrest and killing of those he described as “terrorists”, in reference to the Palestinians.

According to the channel, Bar-Lev’s statements, which were not documented or published by other Hebrew media, came during his visit to the family of the soldier Barel Shmuli, who was killed months ago on the Gaza border.

The channel, known for its extreme right-wing positions, considered that this represented a change in the direction taken by Minister Bar-Lev, who is known to be a “leftist”.

In recent days, Bar-Lev appeared in multiple situations, making statements described as “embarrassing.”

During the funeral of those killed in the Beersheba operation, Bar-Lev called for the arrest of the perpetrator, even though he was killed in that operation, and after the Hadera operation, he posted tweets that weren’t clear or understandable prior to deleting them.


Nadeen Alshaer

Alshaer is a Palestinian journalist, a Birzeit University graduate with a B.A. in TV and Radio Broadcasting Journalism. Alshaer has 6 years of experience in journalism. She currently works as a reporter, editor and presenter/producer for PBC-Palestine TV and Jerusalem24 radio. She’s a UN and Kelley School of Business alumna.

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