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Jerusalem24 – The United States has long been the top receiving country for international students, who historically have been drawn by the high quality of U.S. higher education, its value on the international labor market, and access to job opportunities in the United States after graduation. About 1.1 million international students were enrolled in U.S. institutions in school year 2019 – 2020.

Quoting American Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, “a mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions,” Elie Teichman the Education & Exchanges Officer at the Palestinian Affairs Unit at the U.S. Department of State explained the American Education experience during a special episode on Jerusalem24.

Teichman presents the benefits and added value to studying in the US. The help and support they provide for Palestinian students going on U.S. funded educational exchanges when they arrive in America such as consultations and such to adapt there.

He also touches upon what a student needs to apply, and addresses the fears that some people may have about travelling abroad.

Click the link below to listen to the entire interview. 

Mohammad Hamayel

Ramallah based journalist, Mohammad graduated from Al-Quds University with a B.A. in Media and Television. He has covered the 2015 Jerusalem Intifada as well as the Great March of Return for international media outlets. currently an editor/presenter at Jerusalem24. A UN alumni and a follower of global events and politics, especially American affairs.

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