“Women’s Parliament” Play

Jerusalme24 – A joint French-Palestinian creativity presented by the Palestinian National Theater (Al-Hakawati) in partnership with the La Manufacture Theater from the French city of Montpellier and with the support of the French Consulate General in Jerusalem.
In this episode of VIBES the actress Shaden Saleem Joined Mona Hijjawi to discuss the play, she explained that the show is adapted from the play “Women’s Parliament” by Erstofan, as it proceeds from its original text to apply it to the reality of Palestinian women.
Adding that the show was a combination of scenes and  video recordings, This work is the product of an in-depth exchange and intersection of artistic practices and visions led by Roxanne Bornau Loronrojol and Jean-Claude Vall with a team from 8 Palestinian actors and actresses.

Listen to the link below and enjoy the full interview!

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