A manual for the political participation of women and youth in the democratic process

Jerusalem24 – In this episode of VIBES, Lamis Shuaibi, director of the policy dialogue and good governance program at MIFTAH joined Mona Hijjawi to speak about the importance of women and youth participation in the political Palestinian system. Miftah offers a training program that targets both the civil society organizations that work collectively with the other party; the participants; women and youth. Through the training, Miftah provides all parties with the required tools and information to make a change in the society. Shuaibi explained that Miftah’s major mandate is to enhance different social components as leaders within the Palestinian society. It also aims to enhance women participation in various sectors, to let them take part in decision making positions, and to pave their leaderships within the Palestinian political system.

However, based on statistics, the Palestinian society lacks equal representations of women and youth. Therefore, MIFTAH comes to empower different sectors within the society to advance women roles and voices. She added that such programs face lots of challenges from the extremist movements that attack the civil society. In addition to the Israeli occupation constant assaults on the human rights organizations. Yet, despite the challenges, MIFTAH contributes to raise awareness and offer guidance on women empowerment and youth participation in the democratic process, in a way that engage the national agenda at an international level.

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