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Major Settlement Plans in East Jerusalem

Jerusalem24 – In an interview with Khalil Tafakji, the Director of the maps department at the Arab studies association in Jerusalem, he analyses and discusses the recently-announced Israeli schemes upon Jerusalem. Where Israel has been ethnically cleansing Palestinians since 1948. Yet, this particular scheme revolves around two main aspects; the geography and the demography of Jerusalem.

“This Israeli project is a continuation of the series of Israeli security projects, which means the establishment of outposts inside the Palestinian areas” said Tafakji. Essentially, Israel doesn’t want a connection to occur among the Palestinian neighborhoods due to its security reasons. From time to time, the establishment of occupation settlements that surround Palestinian villages and storming these villages work collectively in order to dispersal these neighborhoods.

He adds, yesterday’s announcement is basically part of the plan to build an outpost in Al-Nussara neighborhood. Noting that Al-Nussara neighborhood is a Palestinian neighborhood that is very close to Damascus gate. It is considered a safe passage which connects west Jerusalem with Damascus gate and the western wall.

Additionally, this occupational plan serves the general custodian that protects the Israeli claims upon the Jewish properties since 1948. In fact, even sheikh jarrah neighborhood falls as another Israeli claim over the alleged assets that belong to the Jewish. However, in the case of sheikh jarrah they used several laws to demonstrate their claims; such as Absentee property law, public property law, and the Jewish property law.

This way, Palestinians living in Jewish- owned buildings will get evicted just as what’s happening in Sheikh Jarrah. Hence, the aim is to Uproot the Palestinians and place the Jewish citizens instead. Tafakji states that this scheme’s major purpose is to deliver the message that Jerusalem is not the Palestinian capital and will never fall for negotiations.

Despite the current Bedouin ethnic cleansing in the Jordan valley, and the Israeli control over area C as well to their attempts to steal the Palestinian natural resources, the Israeli occupation is planning on building the biggest airport in Nabi Musa, West bank.


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