The launch of the second edition of the Ramallah Art Fair, with 150 artworks

Jerusalem24 – Zawyeh Gallery in Ramallah is the second edition of Ramallah Art Fair, amid great anticipation from the public and collectors, The exhibition includes more than 150 artworks, some of which were completed recently, and others specifically for the event, by more than 30 male and female artists, including those shown for the first time in the gallery.
In this episode of VIBES, Reem Al-Masri Palestinian artist and professor in the faculty of Arts in Birzeit university joined Mona Hijjawi and talked about the main objective of launching Ramallah Art Fair which is to provide original artworks at reasonable prices that new collectors can acquire, on the one hand, and on the other hand, contribute to encouraging participating artists, marketing their works, and providing the public with an opportunity to view their latest productions. Moreover she discussed with us her experience and participation this year.
She added that the artworks deal with different topics from the Palestinian, Arab and human reality using different materials. This year, a group of Palestinian artists, accompanied by an artist from the occupied Syrian Golan and an artist from Turkey, in addition to new artists who have not previously shown in the gallery, participate alongside pioneering artists.
The first edition of Ramallah Art Fair was organized last year, and for the success of the event, it was decided to organize it annually.

Listen to the full interview in the link below!

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