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A Not So Innocent Plot Twist

Jerusalem24 – A massive outrage came upon the new joint Palestinian-Jordanian-Egyptian drama film “Amira”. Journalists have launched an online campaign using the hashtag #Pull_Out_Amira to express their rejection of the film, which insults the Palestinian prisoners in the Israeli jails. Amira, revolves around the life of a 17-year-old Palestinian, who was conceived with the smuggled sperm of her father, Nawar, a Palestinian prisoner serving a life sentence in an Israeli occupation jail. However, her father is discovered to be infertile in the film. Which is discovered later that the smuggled sperm, by which Amira was conceived, is for an Israeli officer. Such plot is totally unacceptable for disrespecting the Palestinian narrative that honors the case of prisoners.

Mohamed Diab, the director of the film shared on his Facebook page: “The family of the film was fully aware of the sensitivity of the issue of sperm smuggling and the sanctity of the children of freedom, and for this reason the decision was to declare that the story of the film is fictional and cannot happen in real life, as the film ends with a sentence that appears on the screen saying, “Since 2012, more than 100 children have been born by means of sperm smuggling. All children have their parentage confirmed. Smuggling ways remain obscure.”

The film’s family did not leave the matter to interpretation, but rather confirmed that the film is fictional and that the true method of smuggling is unknown, and the fact that the age of the heroine in the film is 18 years, which is logically inconsistent with the beginning of sperm smugglings in 2012.”

Meanwhile, the prisoners’ club announced a statement in response to the latter “You are not allowed to speak about something that does not belong to you, you are far from the reality of the prisoners and your film is totally inspired by lies and suspicions. You are trying to achieve what the occupation has failed to achieve. And we call on the officials in our beloved Egypt and the organizers of the Karama Festival to prevent the broadcast of this false, insulting and offensive film against the Palestinian militants. This is a great slander against those who are the most honorable people and those who fought battles of honor and heroism on behalf of the nation.”

However, in the latest development regrading the story, the director of the movie, Mohamed Diab announced the prevention of broadcasting the movie after the huge controversy in both Palestine and Jordan. Diab calls to create a specified committee from the prisoners and their families to watch and discuss the movie.

Moreover, The Royal Film Commission of Jordan withdraws “Amira” from the Oscars.

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